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DATE: October 2009

Cover / Super Misty Poster

Art: SMS

Welcome Page Portrait

Art: David Roach (from an unpublished painting by Shirley Bellwood)

Mint Condition

Story / Art: SMS


Story: Alison Jones / Art: Mike Nicoll

A Waltz Out Of Time

Story: Alison Jones / Art: J P Sewell

The Eyes

Story: Colin Noble / Art: Terry Wiley

Misty’s Mysteries

Concept / Art: Douglas Noble

ComeTo Stay

Story: Briony Coote / Art: Carl Lavin

Lost Lover

Poem: Anne-Marie Marquess / Art: James Battersby

Good Ol’ Santa!

Story: Briony Coote / Art: Mike Nicoll

Camper Van Helsing

Story / Art: Vallely

Bullied To Death

Story: Briony Coote / Art: Carl Lavin

Vampire King

Poem: Anne-Marie Marquess / Art: Noel Baxter

Time School - Teacher’s Pet!

Story: John Freeman / Art: Mike Nicoll

Once Too Often

Story: Briony Coote / Art: Vicky Stonebridge /

Letters: Bolt-01

John Armstrong Interview

Interview: Chris Lillyman / Art: John Armstrong

The Poustinia

Story: Martin Jones / Art: J P Sewell

The Cult Of The Cat

Story: Charles Ellis / Art: Johnny McMonagle

Free Gift

Poster: John Armstrong


Mistycomic Special 2009

80 Pages of New & Original Material:

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